Kholmogory, Arkhangelsk Province. 18th century

  • Bone, engraving, подцветка. 11,5 х 9 х 12; 13 х 13 х 10,5
  • Рк-115, Рк-114

  • Пост. в 1941 из ГТГ; Пост. в 1897 из собрания В. А. Прохорова (С.-Петербург)

Caskets-teremki have a traditional cubic shape of wrought iron chests of the 16-17th centuries. Small caskets (their height does not exceed 15-16 centimeters) were made of wood and faced with bone plates, hammered to the base by copper nails. Some plates had natural bone whiteness, others were painted in green colour with horsetail. On the casket surface they alternated in a certain sequence, revealing the monumentality and constructive simplicity of the shape. The plates were decorated with various engraved rosettes made up of concentric circles, circles with dots in the middle or with round hollows. Similar circles that can be found on the metal and bone objects from ancient times, were called an eye ornament (it is based on an ancient solar sign - a circle with a dot). The eye ornament on Kholmogory's caskets, stained with black or brick-red paint, forms geometrically distinct fancy rosettes.

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