Kholmogory, The Arkhangelsk Province. 18th century

  • bone, engraving с подцветкой и позолотой, сквозная и рельефная carving. 10 х 17 х 28,5
  • Рк-122

  • Пост. в 1897 из собрания В.А.Прохорова (С.-Петербург)

Caskets of the second half of the 18th century with low, four-sloped or flat lids are covered with smooth white, green and brown bone plates, combined with a pattern of slotted inserts from beneath which blue, light green, pale pink silk, or golden, red, green foil can be seen.

On the caskets of this period bolting hares, squirrels, deer are depicted. The appearances of animals, their poses are borrowed from engravings of "Symbols and Emblems". The craftsmen confidently use and vary the techniques of carving, ornamentation in the form of shells.

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