The Nenets’ Encampment

Cholmogory, the Archangelsk Province. The end of 18th century

  • bone, объемная carving. 25,8 х 35,5 х 47,5
  • Рк-211

  • Пост. в 1957 от А.Ф.Татаржинской (Ленинград)

This is a rare examples of an 18th century table decoration. The sculptural group depicts scenes from the life of nenets in the tundra. Here you can see the inhabitants of the chum (tent made of skins or bark), hunting for bear, sledge riding and a soldier standing guard and smoking a pipe. While making the sculptures the carvers managed to solve the problem of where to place the figures in the space to create the composition. The craftsman made the figures flat, fixed them on the board covered by the bone and laid them out according to the principles of the model.

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