Dressing boxes

Cholmogory, Archangelsk Province. 18th century

  • Bone, carving. 4 х 4,5 х 6,5; 2,8 х 4 х 8
  • Рк-270, Рк-271

  • Туалетная коробочка: пост. в 1963 из собрания Л. И. Свионтковской-Вороновой; Туалетная коробочка-башмачок: пост. в 1963 от В. С. Беляева

  • Собрание Л. И. Свионтковской-Вороновой

One of the dressing boxes is designed as a little chest of drawers with curvilinear lines typical of the rococo style. The other piece looks like a shoe with a curved heel. The dressing boxes are made of walrus tusk and decorated by the carving called “groove on an aperture”. The main elements of the carving are floral patterns in the shape of thin twigs and rocaille curls. The carving comprises figures of flying birds, hunting dogs and jumping hares.

The curved walls and a cover of the little chest of drawers are symmetrical in design. The modest pattern called “begunok” (a curved, wave-shaped line) and a series of triangles engraved on the shoe-shaped box show the folk taste.

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