"Peter the Great - the Founder of the Russian Fleet". A cup

Vase. Lomonosovo, Arkhangelsk Region. 1975

Nikolai Butorin is one of the leading contemporary artists of the folk handicrafts. He has been continuing the best traditions of Kholmogory bone carving. In 1952 he graduated from the bone carving art school in Lomonosovo village. He has been much experimenting to find the original and contemporary embodiment of the theme. The material itself often suggests the idea to the artist.

The piece of the mammoth tusk greatly influenced the composition of the decorative cup "Founder of the Russian Fleet", dedicated to Peter the Great and created to the 275th anniversary of Leningrad for the Russian Museum. The shape of the cup can be compared with an image of the fortification, specifically the battle tower. The surface is decorated with a relief composition, which semantic center is the portrait of Peter I on one side and the sea battle on the other.

The form of the cup smoothly narrows up to the top and ends with a lid decorated with a sculptural image of the winged genius of victory.

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