Poneva (A skirt)

Second half of the 19th century. Novo-Uvarovka, The Kasimov District, The Ryazan Province

  • Linen, wool, branina. 69 х 116
  • Т-3646

  • Пост. в 1961 из экспедиции в Рязанскую обл.

Kasimov's ponevas - heavy thick skirts - do not have analogies in Russian weaving. There is a poneva, unique in complexity and harmony of the pattern,  in the collection of the museum. It looks as if a silvery patterned frame formed by the meander is thrown over a woolen checked cloth into a large purple-red and dark-blue square. The large rosettes are located in the centre of coloured cells. Such ponevas were rare already at the beginning of the 20 century.

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