Fragment of the table top

The North of Russia. 15-16th century

  • Вышивка. 26 х 55
  • В-7267

  • Снят в 1957 с иконы "Ветхозаветная Троица“ (XVI век) из Белозерска

A fragment of the table top with geometric images of deer and human figures is a work of ancient folk needlework. It was removed from the back of one of the icons on which it was pasted to fasten its boards. The table top is embroidered with white threads on a thin linen cloth by a double-sided seam, creating the same pattern for both sides.

The images of deer, animals and birds are very conventional. Their features are conveyed without superfluous details, with only straight vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines. They are intentionally turned into a kind of ornamental signs. Diagonals predominate in the picture, so that it seems to be dynamic.

The composition is constructed and calculated very precisely. The geometric character of the embroidered figures of animals, birds, and men is an echo of the ancient geometric style. The embroidery contains the features of pantheism. This is a kind of poetic story about the northern nature and inhabitants of the northern forests, expressed in the conventional language of decorative art.

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