The Rostov County, The Yaroslavl Province. Early 19th century

  • Вышивка. 46 х 267
  • В-7345

  • Пост. в 1959 от К. А. Лобановой

The embroidery of a wedding towel from the Rostov district of Yaroslavl province contains the traditions of the 18th-century art. The fairy-tale image of a peacock is significant and monumental. An elastic body with a small crowned head balances a magnificent tail. The figure is embroidered with dense stitches of red threads; it flickers with small crosses in the background. The roundness of the tail feathers is interrupted by sharp horizontal and vertical lines of pale yellow and black. All of this gives the image dynamic and internal expression. The Fantastic Phoenix was a messenger of happiness, a symbol of blessing for the newlyweds to a new life.

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