The Archangel Michaеl from the Deesis Tier

Mid- 15th century

  • Wood, gesso, tempera. 208 х 96 х 3,5
  • ДРЖ-2111

  • Пост. в 1940 из Кашинского краеведческого музея, Тверь

  • From the Iconostasis of the Transfiguration Cathedral in Tver

Saint Michael the Archangel is the main archangel and is one of the most worshiped archangels in the Christian, Jewish and Islamic religions. He is referred to as Archistrategus in the Orthodox religion, which means that he is the leader of the holy army of angels and archangels. The depiction is traditional for the icon painting of the 15th century and follows the iconography of the deesis icons of the Annunciation Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin. The Archangel Micheal is depicted with a red cloak and a blue tunic.

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