3 августа 1776, Мюльхаузен, Эльзас — зима 1836, Париж

Portrait of Empress Maria Feodorovna


Grand Duchess Maria Feodorovna (1759‒1828) née Duchess Sophie Dorothea of Wurttemberg. She was a daughter of Friedrich II Eugen Duke of Wurttemberg and Friederike Dorothea (daughter of Margrave Brandenburg-Schwedt). In 1776 she married Grand Duke Paul Petrovich (Paul I).She became Empress in 1796. She gave birth to 10 children and was the mother of Emperor Alexander I and Nikolai I. The Empress had remarkable artistic talents: she practiced the art of glyptic, bone carving, wax sculpting and oil painting. She took lessons from the famous medalist Karl Leberecht. She executed the portraits of her children, Paul I and Catherine II. The Empress created a whole series of charitable and educational institutions and (the Department of Empress Maria Fedorovna).


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