State Hermitage, St. Petersburg

Portrait of Count Andrei Matveyev

18th century

  • oil on canvas. 67 х 54

  • Received in 1941 from the State Museum of Ethnography of the Peoples of the USSR (as part of the collection of the Department of History of Everyday Life, State Russian Museum) Provenance: Sheremetev Palace (Fountain House) (until 1931)

  • State Hermitage, St. Petersburg

Hyacinthe Rigaud’s portrait of Andrei Matveyev (1706, State Hermitage) is quite famous. It is possible that it was inspired by a picture created in the 1720s (before 1728).

Andrei Matveyev(August 15, 1666 – September 16, 1728) Prince (1715), statesman and diplomat. Son of Artamon Matveyev, who died during the Streltsy Uprising. During the years 1691–1693, Andrei served as military governor in the Dvinsk district; in 1699–1712 he was ambassador to Holland. In 1705–1706 he acted as ambassador of Peter the Great in France, in 1706–1708 – he was ambassador in London. In 1712–1715 he was ambassador in Vienna. In 1715 Matveyev was appointed president of the Maritime Academy and Nautical School. In 1719 he was made senator and president of the College of Justice. From 1724 to 1725 he was the president of the Moscow Senate Division. In 1727 he retired.

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