State Tretyakov Gallery

1684, Marseille - 1754, St. Petersburg

Portrait of Tsarevich Peter Petrovich as a Cupid


Apart from this work, there is a whole set of similar portraits with some variations: one of them can be found in the State Hermitage (unknown artist, a copy made in the first half of the 19th century from the original painting of the 18th century, standing), there is also a knee-high copy by D. Molchanov housed in the State Russian Museum (1772, 53 x 43). In the catalogue of an exhibition that took place in 1870 four similar portraits were mentioned as well. The theory that the person depicted is Peter Petrovich is supported by the letter that Alexander Menshikov wrote to Peter the Great in 1716: “I am sending Your Majesty this present that you desired […] a picture of Your dearest Cupid.” A portrait of Peter Petrovich is also mentioned in the “Inventory” of Louis Caravaque’s works, even though its location is unknown.

Peter Petrovich (October 29, 1715 – April 25, 1719) Tsarevich, son of Peter the Great and Catherine Alexeyevna. Was considered to be the official heir to the throne starting from June 26, 1718 until his death.

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