State Tretyakov Gallery

Portrait of Prince Andrei Khilkov

Sweden (?). Between 1700 and 1718

  • oil on canvas. 90.7 x 67.7 (oval)

  • Received in 1925 from the Sate Museum Fund Provenance: collection of Nikolai Obolensky; later – collection of Anna Khilkova (née Obolenskaya); Prince Mikhail Obolensky

  • State Tretyakov Gallery

Andrei Yakovlevich Khilkov (1676–1718) Son of Okolnichy Yakov Vasilyevich Khilkov (?–1681) and his wife Anna Illarionovna, the daughter of Illarion Lopukhin; nobleman and member of the Boyar Council. In 1697 Peter the Great sent him to Italy to study maritime affairs and sciences. Upon his return to Russia in June 1700, he was sent to Sweden as a resident (representative). In the beginning of the Northern War he was captured and died in captivity. In 1719 his remains were brought to St Petersburg and buried in the St. Alexander Nevsky Monastery. He was married to Maria Yevropkina and had a daughter, Irina Andreyevna; who was married to Prince Alexey Golitsyn (1697–1768).

As the researchers of the National Museum of Fine Arts in Stockholm assume, the portrait may be attributed to Martin van Meytens the Elder, or one of his pupils.

Martin Mijtens the Elder (1648–1736) – born in the Hague; son of the portraitist Isaac Mijtens, father of Martin Mijtens the Younger. In 1667 inscribed in the painters guild of the Hague. In 1677 moved to Stockholm. In 1697 and 1701 lived in Holland, later returned to Sweden. Died in Stockholm.

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