1823, Pokrovskaya (Tver Province) – 1864, Pokrovskaya (Tver Province)


Second half of the 1840s

  • oil on canvas. 67 x 102
  • Ж-5184

  • Пост. в 1929 из Тверского музея; ранее (до 1920) – в имении Лепехиных Спасское Тамбовской губ. (?); ранее – собственность А. Зворыкина (?) (Москва); ранее – в имении Зворыкиных Воздвиженское Вышневолоцкого уезда Тверской губ.

  • Реставратор: Райков П.В. (1950-е-1960-е)
  • Реставратор: Савенок В.В. (2010)

Grigory Soroka depicts the Lepekhin estate in the village of Spasskoe in Tambov Province. This exact and generalized image of Russian nature is the most heartfelt of the artist’s landscapes. One can sense the peace and quiet of a summer evening, when the heat of the day has abated, but the night mists have still not descended. The water is transparent and the setting sun illuminates everything in a pinkish light. The buildings on the far shore and the peasant boy in the boat are reflected in the smooth surface of the lake.

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