1776, Karpovo (Novgorod Province) - 1857, Moscow

Guitarist (Portrait of the Virtuoso Guitarist Vladimir Morkov)


  • oil on canvas. 86,5 x 69
  • Ж-5230

  • Пост. в 1897 из Александровского дворца (Царское Село); ранее (до 1870) - собрание В.А.Кокорева (Москва)

  • Реставрация: Марков М.Н. (1956)

The “guitarist” type in the art of Tropinin came to personify a very special image of the representative of town culture. The emotional candour and free demeanour of the subject are typical of the Romantic type of artistic vision. The artist created several copies and variations of this painting. Vladimir Ivanovich Morkov (1800–1864): Virtuoso guitarist, musicologist. He wrote books on the history of opera, how to play the seven-string guitar and other works.

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