1817, Theodosia - 1900, ibidem

The Shore of the Sea. Calm


  • oil on canvas. 114 х 187
  • Ж-2207

  • Пост. в 1929 из ГАИМК, ранее — собрание великого князя Константина Константиновича, Мраморный дворец, Петербург

Judging from the landscape and the people’s clothing, this painting, painted according to the “rose” manner, reproduces the southern Italian coast or, in any case, feels like it is.

This painting shows the peculiarities of the artist’s method. As Aivazovsky left southern Italy in the spring of 1841 and never came back there after his return in Russia, he painted many of the landscapes by memory, often even without drawing preliminary sketches, following not natural impressions, but his own memory and imagination.

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