1780, Moscow - 1847, Poddubie (Tver Province)

Fortune Telling by Cards


  • oil on canvas. 75,5 х 62
  • Ж-5177

  • Пост.: 1898 от С.Н. Галяшкина (Москва); ранее – в собр. В.А. Кокорева (?) (Москва)

In the 19th century in Russia, fortune-telling was a very popular tradition. The majority of the people thought that the cards had some magical power and could reveal your past and predict your future. Both the high society and the peasantry were devoted to this custom with great relish. The painting depicts a young woman telling the fortune of her friend. The cards predict “a long journey, an encounter with the King of Diamonds and troubles of the heart”. At the same time, the girl is worried because of the “Queen of Clubs”, who could be a rival of love. The ace of Diamonds, which she holds in her hand, represents a letter or a message.

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