1791, St Petersburg - 1830, Sorrento

A View from Petrovsky Island in St Petersburg


  • Canvas, oil. 68 х 95,5
  • Ж-3571

  • Пост. в 1923 г. из Академии художеств

Sylvester Schedrin, who was particularly known for painting Italian landscapes, depicted St. Petersburg in his early works. The character traits of the nature depicted in these landscapes are conventional colours and a classical composition with sharp layout separations. On the left of the painting there are a wooden bridge over the Zhdanovka River, the porch of the main building of the Second Cadet Corps and the Bell Tower of the Vladimirsky Cathedral. You can also observe the fortified banks crossed by the Tuchkov Bridge, and on the right there is the Former Hemp Warehouse and beyond that you can see the Old Stock Exchange Building and the Winter Palace roofs.

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