1722, Copenhagen - 1782, ibid. с русского ↔ на английский 1722, Копенгаген – 1782, там же 1722, Copenhagen - 1782, ibid.

Centenarian Resident of Tsarskoye Selo with her Family


  • oil on canvas. 233 х 162
  • Ж–3914

  • Received in 1925 from the State Hermitage

  • Provenance: collection of the English Palace, Peterhof

The painting was commissioned by the Court, which moved to Tsarskoye Selo in the summer. The archive preserves a “verbal” instruction from Catherine the Great: “to the painter Eriksen for our standing portrait — 1500 rubles, for the painting of a peasant woman and her family at Tsarskoye Selo — 600 rubles, in total 2100 rubles.” (Central State Historical Archive, fund 468, Inv. 1, part 2, No. 3887, sheet 78). The picture was engraved by the English engraver James Walker. In issues of the “St Petersburg List” newspaper from 28 to 31 October 1791 an announcement was published about a sale in Klosterman’s shop on Nevsky Prospekt: “of new prints depicting a peasant woman, surrounded by her sons and grandchildren, executed by the court engraver Walker from the original by Eriksen kept at Her Imperial Highness Hermitage.”

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