1771, St Petersburg - After 1829

Portrait of Princess Ekaterina Lobanova-Rostovskaya


  • oil on canvas. 81,5 x 62,5
  • Ж-4927

  • Received in 1897

Princess Ekaterina Lobanova-Rostovskaya is depicted in a red mantel trimmed with ermine. She was described by a contemporary as «not knowing pride, affectionate, polite, kind to one and all, charitable, received an excellent education and had a merry disposition, which did not change even in venerable old age.» Princess Ekaterina Alexandrovna Lobanova-Rostovskaya (1735–1802): Daughter of Prince Alexander Kurakin. Russian Museum: From Icons to the Modern Times. Palace Editions, St Petersburg, 2015. P. 89.


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