1780, Moscow - 1847, Poddubie (Tver Province)

Portrait of the Artist and Art Teacher Kirill Golovachevsky with Three Pupils of the Imperial Academy of Arts


  • oil on canvas. 143,5 х 111
  • Ж-5152.

  • Пост. в 1923 из АХ; ранее - в МАХ; ранее - в Зале Совета ИАХ

Alexei Venetsianov is a master of the everyday life genre and created an independent art movement (“Venetsianov school”). He worked for the postal and then for the forestry departments. Venetsianov learned painting by himself: he followed lessons of Vladimir Boroviskovsky and copied paintings from the Hermitage. The portrait of Kirill Golovachevsky with pupils granted Venetsianov the title of academician in 1811.

Kirill Golovachevsky (1735–1823) was a history painter, a portraitist and headmaster of the Imperial Academy of Arts.

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