1788, Bauerbach, the Grand Duchy of Baden – 1856, Paris

Portrait of Count Grigory Stroganov


  • oil on canvas. 112 х 98,5
  • ЖБ-646

  • Пост. в 1931 из Шереметевского дворца-музея

Grigory Alexandrovich Stroganov (1770-1857) - Baron, count since 1826.

The only son of the Privy Councillor Baron Alexander Stroganov (1740-1789) from the marriage with Elizabeth Zagryazhskaya (1745-1831).

He was a Russian diplomat, ambassador to Spain (1805), Sweden (1812) Turkey (1816) and England (1838). Privy Councillor (1821), Chief Chamberlain (1836), chamberlain of the High Court (1846).

Member of the Supreme Court over the case of the Decembrists, member of the State Council (1827). The nephew of Count Sergei Stroganov (1733-1811). The father of Sergei Stroganov (1794-1882), married since 1818 to Countess Natalia Stroganova (1796-1872). His son received the title of Count after the marriage. Cousin uncle to N.Goncharova, wife of Alexander Pushkin. After the death of Pushkin he got custody of the poet's children and his property. He was married: first to Princess Anne Trubetskaya (1765-1824), and then to countess Julia d'Aega (born d'Alemde, 1784-1864). He was buried at the Lazarevsky cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

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