1873, Nervi, Italy — 1955, Chelles, near Paris

Artemis and the Sleeping Endymion


  • Canvas, oil, silver, bronze. 90 х 90
  • Ж-11150

  • Пост.: 1985 по завещанию Б. Н. и К. Б. Окуневых (Ленинград)

Version of the painting Endymion (circa 1913; whereabouts unknown). The garish effects and spicy tones of this painting are encountered in many of Nikolai Kalmakov’s works on themes from Greek mythology. Artemis and the Sleeping Endymion combines features of Russian Neoclassicism and Art Nouveau, with its tendency for overt decorativism. Kalmakov depicts the moment when the virgin huntress Artemis is entranced by Endymion, the shepherd whom Zeus has consigned to eternal sleep because of his love for his wife Hera. The mystics of love permeate the complex composition and the masterly rhythm of the forms, lines and ornamental designs.

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