1844, Chuguyev (Kharkiv Province) - 1930, Kuokkala (Finland)

On a Turf Bench


  • oil on canvas. 36 x 55,5
  • Ж-4045

  • Пост. в 1919 от В. И. Репиной

Ilya Repin created a series of fine Impressionist canvases, including the pearl of Russian Impressionist painting "On a Turf Bench". His genre canvases are now classics of Russian Impressionism and did much to popularise the compositional devices of Impressionism in Russian painting.

Depicted: Vera Alexeyevna Repina, the artist’s wife; Vera and Nadya, his daughters; Alexei and Evgenia Shevtsov, parents of the artist’s wife; Alexei and Maria Shevtsov, the artist’s brother-in-law and his wife.

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