1883, Balta, Ukraine — 1926, Leningrad

The Provinces

Early 1910s

  • colour-wash on canvas. 70,5 х 88,5
  • Ж-9520

  • Пост. в 1926 из Музея художественной культуры, Ленинград

Josif Shkolnik was born in a small Jewish settlement (mestechko) in Ukraine. All his life, he retained an affection for the motifs of these small provincial outposts, with their little white-washed houses and quaintly misspelt signboards. Although this world had much in common with Marc Chagall’s works, Shkolnik’s provincial landscapes are transformed by the artist’s painterly vision. The Provinces is one of the most typical works of this genre. Built on combinations of bright local tones, the landscape colours are reminiscent of a stage set. Hardly surprising, as Shkolnik worked in theatre for many years.

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