1861, Stanichnaya (Tambov Province) - 1904, Divdino (Novgorod Province)

Granted a Fur Coat from the Tsar’s Shoulder


  • oil on cardboard. 75 х 37
  • Ж-1821

  • Пост.: 1912 от В.В.Беляева (с посмертной выставки А.П.Рябушкина в С.-Петербурге)

Andrei Ryabushkin loved 17th-century Russia – her culture, her way of life, her traditions. It was the love of an artist who valued the past as a rich source of aesthetical, philosophical and moral material capable of imbibing modern art. This love was not defined by searches for a historical ideal, hence the humorous and ironic notes often creep into Ryabushkin’s works. Here the artist depicts a lucky courtier who has just received a gift from the Tsar. His rosy-cheeked face shines with pleasure, inevitably evoking a smile. The artist, however, does not concentrate attention solely on the face. He painstakingly depicts the intricate pattern of the sumptuous fur coat, masterly recreating the plays of colour of the satin cloth, thus softening any artistic irony.

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