1817, Theodosia - 1900, ibidem



  • oil on canvas. 304 x 505
  • Ж-2200

  • Пост. : 1897 дар императора Николая II (Санкт-Петербург); в 1891 дар художника императору Александру III

An epic painting entitled Wave is a bright example of the late period of Aivazovsky’s creative work. The artist painted it when he was 72 years old. When depicting the chaotic movements of waves, the author admires the enormous might of Nature and compares it to the feebleness of human effort. Heavy clouds hang low over the water, the depth of the ocean is ready to devour the wrecked ship, and the sailors have no hope for escape. The painting has a cold and dark atmosphere. The painting draws away from his earlier Romantic colour selection and gets closer to realism.

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