1871, Budapest — 1960, Moscow

In the Morning Dew


  • oil on canvas. 69,5 х 102,8
  • Ж-2216

  • Пост.: 1920 из собр. А.А. Коровина (Петроград)

The still life was painted in the Dugino estate, which was located to the south from Moscow in a beautiful place on the Pahra river and belonged to the artist and businessman Nikolai Meshcherin, a son of the founder of the Danilovskaya textile factory. Igor Grabar spent there more than 10 years and created all his masterpieces of 1900s including this still life. He got enthusiastic to this genre while teaching at Anton Ažbe School where he introduced the task to paint a still life “for development of the feeling of shape and colour”. The still lifes with flowers couldn’t help appearing in Dugino – the Meshcherins loved flowers, bought armfuls of flowers from peasant’s children, grew in their own greenhouses and brought from Moscow.

The artist was painting the still life early in the summer morning. The artist depicted phloxes covered abundantly with the dew that had left from the night. The surroundings, rays of the sun, the sky are reflected in the dew. Using the impressionist techniques the artist creates the poetical harmony of colour, light, the Sun, joy and beauty.

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