1871, Budapest — 1960, Moscow

Flowers and Fruits on a Grand Piano


  • oil on canvas. 79 х 101
  • Ж-2217

  • Пост. в 1925 из Ярославской художественной галереи; ранее – собр. Л. И. Горячевой-Мещериной (Москва); Н. В. Мещерина (Москва).

In the end of 1903 a significant event occurred in Grabar’s life – he met a painter and businessman Nikolai Meshcherin, a son of the founder of the Danilovskaya textile factory. Grabar was invited to the Dugino estate located to the south from Moscow in a beautiful place on the Pahra river. Grabar spent there more than 10 years and created all his masterpieces of 1900s. It was there where Grabar created his still lifes that got him recognition at once. It took the artist only four days to paint “Flowers and Fruits on a Grand Piano”, one of his most renowned still lifes. The work was painted by multicoloured strokes, full of light and air. The still life was a success at the exhibitions arranged by Sergei Diaghilev in St. Petersburg, Paris and Berlin as well as at the International exhibition in Venice. The fragmentary composition of the canvas, struggle of light and shadow, the expressive surface texture create the feeling of changeable environment full of dynamics and pulsation of life. The artist presented the canvas to his friend and benefactor Nikolai Meshcherin.

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