1876, Slavyansk (Kharkiv Gubernia) - 1956, Moscow

Tray and Vegetables


  • oil on canvas. 73 х 92
  • Ж-2363

  • Received in 1926

Pyotr Konchalovsky’s paintings are classical examples of the Cézanneism of the members of the Jack of Diamonds and their interest in urban artistic folklore. One Russian critic stated that Konchalovsky’s works owe «as much to signboards and lubok, as they do to Cézanne.» Like the art of several other members of the Jack of Diamonds, Pyotr Konchalovsky’s oeuvre represented the more moderate wing of the Russian avantgarde, orientated on representationalism and traditional painting values. Russian Museum: From Icons to the Modern Times. Palace Editions, St Petersburg, 2015. P. 291.

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