1850, Gatchina (St Petersburg Province) - 1873, Yalta

View of the Volga. Barques


  • oil on canvas. 67 x 105
  • Ж-4095

  • Пост в 1898 из ИАХ

The artist was far ahead of landscape development in the Russian art.

In his works he tried not only to describe a certain natural motif or a remarkable view, but to express the state and life of nature. He was often attracted by the forces of nature – tension before a storm or clarity after a rain. He was also the master of painting the sky and the movement of clouds. The artist believed in the highest social purpose of art and believed in its enlightening force.

This landscape was created during his trip along the Volga together with I.E. Repin and E.K. Makarov. It indicates the author’s romantic and passionate perception of the world around. At the turn of 1870-s this work was the pinnacle of Russian landscape painting.

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