1860, Kibarty (Lithuania) - 1900, Moscow



  • oil on canvas. 149 x 208
  • Ж-4262

  • Пост. в 1901 с посмертной выставки произведений И. И. Левитана

  • Сведения о реставрации:

    Реставрация: Бриндаров А.Б.

This is the last painting by the artist, a summary of the long years he spent working on the painting Russia and creating numerous studies for it in central Russia. The Lake is a generalized image of the Russian nature – majestic, free, and warmed with the artist’s love. Excellent composition of the picture was taken directly from nature. Free, limitless, and artistically fine painting style enabled the artist to capture his fist impression from the view. The opposition between the vast spaces of water and sea is emphasized by bold colour selection.

An early death prevented the author from finishing his major work. However, this painting became one of his best creations.

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