1860, Kibarty (Lithuania) - 1900, Moscow

Twilight. The Moon


  • oil on canvas. 49,5 x 61,3
  • Ж-4265

  • Пост. в 1901 с посмертной выставки произведений И. И. Левитана

Contemporaries of Isaac Levitan descried the fin-de-siècle emotions of a lonely and suffering soul in the artist’s melancholic images.Permeated with subtle music, this particular work is a classic example of the mature oeuvre of this leading master of Russian “mood landscape” painting. The ghostly moonlight and the mirror-like surface of the lake duplicate reality, transforming the landscape. Frozen in its nightly ritual of standing before its sorrowful luminary, the landscape seems immersed in its own secrets, estranged and cold to man.

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