1862, Ufa - 1942, Moscow

Portrait of the Artist’s Daughter


  • oil on canvas. 175 x 86,5
  • Ж-4336

  • Пост. в 1907 от автора, Киев

Mikhail Nesterov often portrayed his eldest daughter Olga. This famous portrait depicts her in riding gear on the bank of the White River outside Ufa. The composition is based on a study from life later finished in Kiev. The slender figure of the young woman is depicted against a background of green fields commonly encountered in Nesterov’s works. Olga’s slightly wearisome face betrays a hint of light grief, corresponding to the quiet state of nature in the hours before sundown. The canvas is pervaded with a mood of soft and elegaic meditation. As the artist once said: “I avoid depicting ‘strong passions’; I prefer our quiet landscapes and the inner life of man.”

Olga Mikhailovna Nesterova (married name Schroeter) (1886–1973).

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