1884, Neskuchnoe (Kursk Gubernia) - 1967, Paris

House of Cards


  • oil on canvas. 65 x 75.5
  • Ж-6634

  • Пост.: 1957 от Е.Б. Серебрякова, сына художницы (Ленинград)

Zinaida Serebryakova paints her children building a house of cards - a favourite pas time in bygone days. These cards are not an object of passion, as they do not have any power over the children's minds. The unsteady construction is an embodiment of the fragile and ephemeral world of fantasy and play, which adults can only glimpse, but in which children live constantly. Play and Passion in Russian Fine Art. St-Petersburg. 1999. P. 43.

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