1839, Moscow — 1915, Petrograd

Portrait of Count Sergei Stroganov


  • oil on canvas. 179 х 125
  • ЖБ-620

  • Пост. в 1920 из ГМФ (собр. Ферзен), Петроград

Secular portraits and painting on the theme of the life of the boyars (members of the old aristocracy of Russia) occupied a predominant place in Konstantin Makovsky’s art. He was a popular and highly paid painter.

Sergei Stroganov (1794-1882) was the eldest son of baron Grigory Stroganov and baroness Anna Stroganov (née princess Trubetskaya). He married Natalia Stroganov, who was the daughter of Pavel Stroganov, to whom he was nephew. He served as governor of Moscow. Sergei Stroganov was also an archeologist, art patron and collector, the founder of the Stroganov School.

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