1797, Bolshoe Stolobetshoe (Oryol Province) - 1837, St Petersburg

Faun and Bacchante

Marble group. From a plaster original (1826-27). 1837

  • Marble. 183 x 90 x 54
  • Ск-340

  • Пост.: 1927 из Управления Петергофских дворцов-музеев и парков (ранее дача "Знаменка", близ Петергофа)

One of Boris Orlovsky’s most outstanding Works, Faun and Bacchante was sculpted when the artist was in Italy. Although the group betrays the clear influence of ancient sculpture and the oeuvres of Bertel Thorvaldsen and Antonio Canova, the Russian sculptor manages to retain his own compositional independence in this two-figured group, contributing the warmth of his own sincere feelings to these mythological images. Such attributes make Faun and Bacchante a typical example of Romantic Neoclassicism.

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