1866, Intra, Italy — 1938, Villa Cabianca near Pallanza, Italy

Портрет Л. Н. Толстого

Бюст. 1899

  • Bronze. 34 х 32 х 30
  • Ск-556

  • Пост. в 1946 от Киприанова, Ленинград

While many artists attempted to portray Leo Tolstoy, few succeeded. The memoirs of Tolstoy’s wife, Sophia Andreyevna, describe how the great Russian writer sat for Trubetskoi at his Yasnaya Polyana estate and in the artist’s studios on Myasnitskaya Street and in Khamovniki, where an equestrian statuette and a small waist-length bust with crossed arms were modelled between 1898 and 1900. Tolstoy was much drawn to this talented sculptor who disdained all authorities and sought the “truth of life”. Calling himself an opponent of “all postures and discerning in simplicity and reality the true reflection of artistic mood,” Trubetskoi rejected the intentional and the deliberate in portraits. He treasured the instant, only not as a record of the passing moment. His sensual perception punctiliously selected various impressions, disclosing the inner world in his reflections on nature.

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