21 September 2016

International Design and Analytical Seminar “The Russian Museum: the Virtual Branch” Project. 2003 – 2016. The Outcome. A Strategy for Developing the Project in the Present Conditions

The project “The Russian Museum: the Virtual Branch” has been successfully implemented since 2003 with the support of the Joint-Stock Financial Corporation Sistema and is an innovative educational project, which to date has no analogue. 

Thanks to computer technology in recent years millions of people in more than 180 information centres have got access to the largest collection of Russian fine art kept in the Russian Museum and the museums of Russia.

The seminar will be held on the 21st and 22nd of September 2016 in the Russian Museum. The goal of the design and analytical seminar is to develop a new concept and strategy for developing the project “The Russian Museum: the Virtual Branch” to 2020, with a persective of going up to the year 2025. 

Experts in field of culture, development of the Internet, representatives of Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, directors of the institutions where the virtual branches work successfully as well as different services of the Russian Museum, the partners of the project, representatives of the Charitable Foundation of Joint-Stock Financial Corporation Sistema which is the general sponsor of the project.  

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