07 February 2019

Woodcuts from the Russian Museum Collection

The exhibition is part of a series of the Russian Museum’s exhibition projects dedicated to various etching techniques, particular features of certain types of printed graphics, and the history of their development in Russia. Woodcut is the oldest form of printed graphics. The Russian Museum holds an excellent collection of Russian woodcuts, representing this kind of visual art in its entirety and diversity. The exhibition will present a large-scale panorama of the development of woodcut for more than three centuries — from the late 17th century to the beginning of the 21st century. The thematic and genre scope of the exhibition varies greatly, from book illustrations of liturgical books (Bible, Gospel, etc.) to magazine satirical graphics, from folk pictures (popular prints, lubok) to authored prints. The exhibition will include about 200 works from the collection of the Russian Museum, including works by such well-known masters as A. P. Ostroumovа-Lebedevа, V. D. Falileev, P. A. Shillingovsky, V. I. Kozlinsky, V. A. Favorsky. In addition to prints, wooden printing plates and tools for engraving will be presented.

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