21 February 2019

The Autumn of Russia’s Middle Ages

The exhibition, dedicated to the sacred art of the 17th century, presents works exclusively from the collection of the Russian Museum. Many of them are shown for the first time or with new attribution. An extensive collection of books, objects of jewelry, embroidery, icon painting, monumental painting of the 17th century, has been formed gradually since the foundation of the museum, giving a comprehensive account of the ways and features of the development of art of this time.

The 17th century in Russia began with a time of turmoil and ended with Peter the Great’s reforms. In culture, it marked the rise of the individual, personal perspective, with great interest in the West European culture, and unprecedented attention to detail.

This era was full of contradictions, both in art and society. The process of secularization of art in the 18th century was, in fact, an organic consequence of the spiritual quest of the 17th century man, which the exhibition offers a glimpse into.


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