23 June 2021

Exhibition "Ivan Shishkin. 1832–1898"

The work of Ivan Shishkin (1832–1898) occupies a special place in history of Russian art. The major exhibition from the funds of the Russian Museum will provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the unique talent of the greatest master of Russian landscape in all its diversity.

During his lifetime, Shishkin became famous for his drawings. Famous collectors such as P.M. Tretyakov and I.N. Tereshchenko, ordered easel drawings from the artist for their collections. The Russian Museum is the largest owner of the master's graphic heritage. In addition to the work material (about 1400 sheets), the museum contains a significant number of outstanding works performed in different techniques. Shishkin was a virtuoso master of both a graphite pencil and a pen, charcoal and brush. The exposition will include more than 100 works, among which an early self-portrait of the master, landscapes of the artist's native Elabuga, images of age-old forests, coastal groves and Crimean rocks. In addition to watercolors, easel graphic works, studies, pencil sketches of compositions, author's etchings and lithographs, the exhibition will feature dozens of little-known pictorial paintings and sketches of the master of a forest landscape from the museum's funds. The exposition will allow comparing the artist's preparatory materials with his completed canvases.

The exhibition will be of interest to art lovers and professionals. An in-person acquaintance with the creative heritage of the “forest hero” Ivan Shishkin is always an expected event, opening up new facets of the talent of the leading representative of Russian realistic art.

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