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Information center "The Russian Museum: the Virtual Branch"

The Ufa State Institute of Arts named after Zagir Ismagilov

Common information

Opened on 28.09.2010

The Ufa State Institute of Arts named after Zagir Ismagilov (UGII named after Z. Ismagilov) 
is one of the leading institutions of higher education in Russia, the only educational institution in Bashkortostan 
that graduates from professionals in the field of musical, theatrical and visual arts.

The information center "Russian Museum: Virtual Branch" at the institute allows you to organize work for students 
of all departments of the Faculty of Fine Arts - both the departments of plastic arts and the departments of design.
For individual visitors to the center, films on the types, genres and trends of the visual arts, 
the Russian Museum and its collections, and the history of St. Petersburg are organized; 
There are also thematic classes, organized practice for students of schools and universities 
of the city and region, classes and clubs, held festivals and competitions.
Address: 9 Tsuryupy street, Ufa
Opening hours : Monday-Thursday from 14.30 to 17.30
Phone: +7 (347) 273-03-35, (347) 2-72-55-93 8 906 1032301
E-mail: , , ,
Head of the virtual branch: Gordeeva Elena Vladimirovna

Head of the branch

Vitaliy Shuranov

Head of the Research Sector of the Ufa State Institute of Arts named after Zagir Ismagilov

Gordeeva Elena Vladimirovna


Visitors to the virtual branch of the Russian Museum can participate 
in events with the screening of films from the media library 
of the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, information about such events 
is located on the official website of the Institute of Arts http:

«Виртуальный Русский музей» в социальных сетях: