1885, Moscow - 1953, Moscow

Painter, graphic artist, theatrical designer, author of architectural and engineering projects. Studied at the Penza School of Art (1904-10) and under Valentin Serov and Konstantin Korovin at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1902-03, 1909-10). Contributed to the exhibitions of Donkey''s Tail (1912), Jack of Diamonds (1913), World of Art (1913), Union of Youth (1910-14), Tramcar V. First Futurist Exhibition (1915), 0,10. Last Futurist Exhibition (1915-16) and Store (1916). Member of the Unification of New Trends in Art (1922-23). Chairman of the Left Federation of Artists in Moscow (1917), head of the Moscow committee of Narkompros (1918-19). One of the initiators of the creation of the Museum of Painterly Culture, Museum of Artistic Culture and the Institute of Artistic Culture. Headed the department of material culture at the Institute of Artistic Culture. Taught in Petrograd, Kiev and Moscow. Headed the Narkompros Experimental Laboratory (1929-32

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Artist’s Model
Artist’s Model
Corner Counter-Relief
Corner Counter-Relief

The Mediateka

Year: 2009 | A video film | Language: Russian | Duration: 39:02
Year: 2009 | An interactive program | Language: Russian
Year: 2005 | A multimedia film | Language: Russian | Duration: 08:00

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Лекция «Человек и его башня»

А. А. Курбановский

14 March 2014

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