1844, Chuguyev (Kharkiv Province) - 1930, Kuokkala (Finland)

Tsar Ivan V and Tsar Peter I Arriving at the Semyonovsky House in Moscow and Initiating Young Falconers into the Toy Guards

Illustration for Nikolai Kutepov’s Tsarist and Imperial Hunting in Russia. 17th — Early 18th Centuries (1902, Vol. III, after p. 6, colour insert). 1900

  • gouache on cardboard. 37,2 х 50,8
  • Р-7955

  • Пост. в 1930 из ГЭ, Ленинград

Ivan V Alexeyevich (Romanov; 1666–1696): Tsar, paternal half-brother and co-regent of Peter I.

Peter I Alexeyevich (Romanov; 1672–1725): Tsar, first Emperor of Russia (from 1721).

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