Shenkur county, The Arkhangelsk Province. 1853

Ohlupen is a special log on the top of the roof with a chute along its length decorated with a head of a horse (or a bird, an animal) at the end. A horse on the roof was one of the favourite ornaments of the house in the Russian North. A heavy log from a larch or a spruce, which was called "ohlupen" crowned the roof slopes and ended on the front facade of the house with a figure of a horse with a powerful chest and protruding ears. Such a home guard with a laconic expressive silhouette stood out against the background of the severe northern sky, attracting attention from distance. In this unique sculpture, only the main features that allow one to recognize the image of the eternal companion of the peasant are discerned. Ohlupens were a decoration of the house and a symbol of good spirits, patrons of the home.

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