Bolshiye Gonchary, Tula. 1880-е

  • Clay, лепка, painting. 18,3 х 8,3 х 8,3; 24 х 11 х 11; 21 х 8,5 х 8
  • Г-273, Г-271, Г-283

  • Пост. в 1938 из Кустарного музея

At the beginning of the 1880s, a batch of toys from the Bolshiye Gonchary settlement in Tula appeared at an exhibition in Moscow. Subsequently, most of them were handed to the Russian Museum. Ladies under umbrellas, wet nurses with children, monks, servicemen, separate figures, few genre scenes put together convey the types of different social strata of the provincial town. This is not just toys anymore, but decorative figurines like fashionable porcelain ones. Such toys were created with the help of the achievements of porcelain plastics: the heads of larger figures were cast in special shapes. However, most of the toys were made in the usual way of hand modeling with the subsequent painting.

Ladies wear fashionable "dresses for a walk"; depicted accurately in details, wet nurses are in cardigans, skirts and aprons of the town servants. Few figures from Bolshiye Gonchary settlement remained a mysterious page in the history of Russian toys.

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