Detail of the frieze of the house of Mokhov

Село Никола Погост, Нижегородская губерния. 1866

  • Wood, carving, подкраска. 172 х 40 х 2,4
  • ОНИ/Д-2448

  • Пост. в 1963 из экспедиции в Горьковскую обл.

The image of a mermaid-siren is one of the most popular in the house carving of the Volga region. It reflected in this fairy-tale form, that the life of the Volga peasants for centuries had been associated with the water element, with the river. The ancient meaning of this image was forgotten a long time ago. Carpenters and owners of the houses most often called them pharaohs, ingenuously identifying the image of half-woman-half-fish with biblical monsters, in which the souls of Egyptian warriors drowned in the sea - the "pharaohs" were turned.

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