Dolgorukavka Shirt

Ryazan Gubernia. 19th century

In the early 20th century, clothing in Ryazan Gubernia retained its archaic shapes and features.

The long-sleeved shirt, a ceremonial garment with long sleeves that sometimes reached to the bottom edge of the garment, played an important role in rituals such as lamentations or mourning of the relatives. Slits were made at the wrists to make it easier to put on and pass over the hands.

The Ryazan ponyova with proshva is a type of ponyova sewn in the style of a skirt, which has front and back panels made from a different fabric. Such panels can provide important information about the owner of the ponyova. For example, a white panel (or sometimes an entire garment) was a sign of “grief” or mourning.

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