1780, Moscow - 1847, Poddubie (Tver Province)

Two Peasant Boys with a Kite


  • oil on cardboard. 20,5 x 16
  • Ж-3637

  • Пост.: 1918 из собр. В. Н. Аргутинского-Долгорукова

Venetsianov often selected children as the subject for his paintings. The purity and clarity of their mind particularly struck the artist. This also applies to the two boys who have built a kite. They sit quietly in the shed before waiting for the right moment to try out their new toy. Only the dreamy look of one of the boys, fixed on the sky, which is hidden from our view, indicates the sense of anticipation of the imminent flight. Play and Passion in Russian Fine Art. St-Petersburg. 1999. P. 29.

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